This Is the Most Romantic Ad You’ll See This Valentine’s Day

Your smile.
Your eyes.
Your stubborn curl.
That you got from your dadand that he got from his mum.
How you look like when you listen to meand when you’re trying to ignore me.
The way you laugh about bad jokesand hide yourself when you’re sad..”

This ad is lovely to watch, not just on Valentines day. Would you believe it’s for hair color? Me neither.
I love it for the simple reason: I love my hair. 🙂




Business & Money

You might not expect an ad for  hair dye to be especially romantic, but hair cosmetics company Schwarzkopf Professional may have pulled it off. The spot, developed by the ad agency BBDO Germany, features a man enumerating the charming idiosyncrasies of his girlfriend—the way she laughs at bad jokes, her weakness for junk food, her love of a sunlit bedroom. The two-minute ad takes a surprising twist at the end that makes it all the more charming.

Though the ad encourages viewers to celebrate love “not just on Valentine’s Day,” it’s clearly timed to take advantage of the spending spree that accompanies the holiday. The National Retail Foundation estimates that the average American who celebrates Valentine’s Day will spend more than $130 on candy, cards, gifts and dinner. In total Americans are expected to spend $17.3 billion.

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