How Failure is Simply Opportunity Dressed in Drag

Success and Failure

Disappointment over failures is a bitter pill to swallow. At one point of your life, you’ve been frustrated to the point of giving up after a goal. You’ve found yourself wanting, embarrassingly so. You’ve felt you’re not good enough, not strong, or brave or successful enough. But let me ask you this, what did you do after you failed?

Did you just give up and walk away? Did you wallow in self-pity, blamed it all on someone else and walked around with a thundercloud over your head for days? Or did you weigh in the facts and figures that lead to your failure? It is a strong and humble person who can own up to his shortcomings.

Depending on how you view them, frustrations can be the bottomless pit you’ve trapped yourself into, or it can be the silver lining around your grey cloud.

 Turn your failures into opportunities by doing the following steps:

1. Perform an objective evaluation to pinpoint exactly where you failed. It may be in one area or many areas. Did you fail to plan? Was there something you missed in the execution of your project? List down your weaknesses.

2. Were there external factors at play with regards to your decision making? For instance, you want to lose weight but people keep shoving food on you. Wouldn’t you consider this as a threat to your goal? These are your threats and it is vital you track them constantly and find ways to eliminate them.

3. Enough of the brow-beating. It’s time to rediscover your strengths. Keeping a positive attitude and a healthy regard of yourself also plays a role in your success. Don’t be shy, write down your strengths. Not sure of what they are? Ask a friend or family member. You’ll be surprised that what you though insignificant about yourself is actually perceived as an asset by other people.

4. Discover opportunities the hard way. They don’t just fall on your lap, you have put your brain on percolate. Yes, it’s definitely a hard task. Aside from thinking, read up on pertinent publications related to your goals. Get to know people with the same interests as you. Develop a network. Travel to widen your horizons and perceptions and don’t be scared to think outside the box.

Congratulations, you just performed a SWOT analysis on yourself. By Wiping away the film of naiveté and even egotism from your eyes you can clearly see that opportunities are there for the taking, but only after using your smarts, and salt-of-the-earth work to constantly track your progress, project results, factor in deviations and have the flexibility to navigate your life.

They say that only change is constant and the crux of the matter is, those who adapt well not just survive but flourish. Do the SWOT analysis even with small goals and you’ll visibly track your progress towards success.

I’d love to hear your success story, please leave comment below.

One thought on “How Failure is Simply Opportunity Dressed in Drag

  1. I believe my strength is my forgetfulness. It’s a blessing in disguise for me. I often forget that I’ve been hurt so bad because I still smile at the world and even give it a hug. -lol- ^_^


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