5 Truths About Writers Exposed

1. Writers are excellent procrastinators.

Big snaps to those writers who can sit down at the same hour every day and write 2000 words or more. Many put off writing until that Aha! Moment. Which can be deadly if you have writing assignments. A typical writing day would be wake up, have coffee by yourself for two hours, get bored, walk around, have coffee at a bistro, go home, read a book, check your mail until the day has literally passed away in a blur of nothingness.  But never let it be said the eleventh hour is not inspiration enough.

2. Writers are organized.

That messy desk overflowing with books, papers, mugs of coffee is not indicative of what’s going in the writer’s mind. It is in fact a disorganized sort of organization. Without it, writers find themselves walking around dazedly and haphazardly pulling books off the shelf  to the floor in search of their muse. Many writers get off on this seeming chaos truth be told.

3. Writers are not of this world.

The sink full of dishes, the dusty floors, overflowing ashtrays, all speak of the writers disregard for these earthy and mundane happenings. It is an alien thing that requires barely a cursory glance but takes on substantial form when the writer has gotten back to earth after intergalactic forays. If out with a writer, the tell tale signs should not be ignored: glazed eyes, sudden loss of speech, standing stock still if you’re walking. Don’t be alarmed. A portal has just opened into inspiration and your writer friend is processing all this. Inside her mind. She’ll snap out of it, eventually. Be ready with pen and paper.

4. Writers are the master of their characters and content. Not.

For content evolves and characters sometimes aggressively own their personalities and run away with it. Not much a writer can do here, except to indulge in the chase and wrestle her character down. Often, the character emerges victorious. Sometimes the writer simply gets to the point of no return, and the character dies. So characters, behave yourselves.

5. Writers love the tedious, messy and laborious business called writing.

What you don’t know is that writers toil at irregular hours to put together the flesh and bones of a story and when that’s done, sit is not done yet. There are tons of rewriting to do, of slashing paragraphs after paragraphs, and of starting from scratch all over again. This process is repeated until all superfluous words are taken out, until only what’s pithy and though-provoking is left. Or until the editor tears it apart.

Writers don’t write the heart of their stories at Starbucks, like many perceive. It’s written in a sweaty room, alone, with no regard to hunger pangs, and cold cups of coffee littering the desk.

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