The Phat Pho Phenomenon Hits Manila

The Abaca Group has done it again! The Phat Pho phenomenon has just hit Manila. Opened just last February 12, Phat Pho Manila offers delectable Vietnamese cuisine to satisfy your gustatory delights or just fill a hungry tummy. It’s located at the ground floor of Serendra, BGC and the menu is an array of well-chosen dishes that would make you a convert (as I was) to Vietnamese cuisine.

From its mouth-watering Pho Bo with strips of shaved Angus beef to its house specialties like the melt off the bone tenderness of the Bo Kho, all the dishes in the menu has been carefully selected, I suspect. If you want to be spontaneous, simply close your eyes and point at anything on the menu and I’d bet your taste buds would do an encore.

Banh Mi
Phat Pho Saigon baguette Banh Mi

For someone (like me) who’s not a big fan of anything noodley, who couldn’t care less for ramen, who only likes the soup, Phat Pho is an epiphany and it all started on a blind drive in Cebu City. (That’s right, Phat Pho opened its doors in the south first.)

It was a long day, what with the kids highly active from all the sugary stuff they’ve been eating all day. Nobody wanted to go home yet, nobody was ‘tired’ everybody was hungry and no one wanted to eat at the same resto. I was tired and just wanted to eat. I was ready to get out the car and eat whatever food showed itself first.

We were cruising along Banilad, Cebu City at a late hour when I saw Crossroads Mall ahead. We made a right turn, and parked right in front of Phat Pho. I shushed the kids. Told them no one should complain. We shall eat Vietnamese and that’s all there is, take it or leave it.

Phat Pho Bo Kho  Angus Beef with Potatoes and Carrots
Phat Pho Bo Kho
Angus Beef with Potatoes and Carrots

We were greeted by really polite staff, the place was small but packed. It had the ambiance of a corner noodle shop without the nasty smells and dusty roads. We wanted a table but the only available space was at the counter. No problem! We were handed a menu and I randomly selected dishes that sounded familiar to me. Which is basically Pho and Pho haha!

We ordered about five different dishes but these were all the pictures I have of the three which are the Pho Bo, just pho but with meltingly good angus beef strips. Bo Kho was an instant hit. Who doesn’t love beef and potatoes huh? And me, I like the Saigon Baguette Banh Mi best.

The kids watched in fascination as our food were prepared in front of us. (Which got them quiet for a while). Our orders came quickly, piping hot and smelled refreshingly delicious. I was aghast.

Phat Pho Pho Bo
Phat Pho Pho Bo

The portions were HUGE! One bowl of Pho can be shared by three not-so-hungry people!

The staff were great at handling noisy and inquisitive kids, which is what moms like me appreciate. The restroom was clean, another plus, and of course, the huge bottles of Sriracha is a testament the resto wasn’t stinting on anything. We left with a great experience, went back again. And again.

When friends from Manila started posting their Phat Pho experience on Facebook, it felt a long guarded secret has been brought forth in the open for the rest of the world LOL. It is so good that other Vietnamese cuisine experience pale in comparison.

I can’t wait for my next Phat Pho experience!

Okay, I’m not an endorser or anything but eating at Phat Pho is just sooo good. It’s worth more than it costs. For my Manila based buddies, don’t just take my word for it, go, go! See for yourself what the south has kept under wraps. Try it and tell me all about your experience!

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