Self-Starter: The Fire Within The Freelancer

At the core of every freelancer is a dynamic self-starter burning brightly. How else would an independent contractor grow and succeed in a field rife with competition and drawbacks? Without that inner fire to fuel the passion for his craft, the freelancer grounds to a halt. When this happens, it becomes terribly hard for him to rekindle what remaining spark is left back to a roaring pyre.

Freelancers abound in the field of music, photography, writing, painting and in other micro jobs. From web design, illustrating, editing, to event planning, you can find a freelancer who started on his own and made a name for himself.

What is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed individual with no long-term employer. He works on his own initiative and prices his services accordingly. He works on jobs as short as one day or bigger jobs that require months to complete. The freelancer then moves on to another job or project with another client.

What is a self-starter?

A self-starter is someone who can work on his own without prompting or prodding. He exhibits a great amount of initiative to get work done and improve his skills by learning constantly. Self-starters are motivated and ambitious, striving for new and higher learning without help from others.

At the core of a freelancer is a dynamic self-starter that drives him to excel at his craft day after day, whether he knows this or not. This is evident in freelancers who continue to stretch their limits in terms of delivering quality results in the shortest amount of time.

Are you a self-starter?

Freelancer or not, self starters display traits such as the ones here:

Sees the big picture.
Self-starters are goal oriented and committed to doing small tasks so they accomplish bigger objectives.
Get things done.
They observe a timetable and implement tasks even when distractions abound.
Strikes while the iron’s hot.
Self-starters know an opportunity when they see one and use it to their advantage.
Quest for knowledge.
Life is a continuous process of learning for self-starters.
Tame their inner demons.
To a degree, a self-starter is confident and knows he must tame if not slay the demons that hold him back from his goals.
Grit and tenacity.
This is the ability to bounce back from failures time and again, and emerge all the better for it.
• Take the lead.
Self-starters are confident and show ownership in their tasks.
He plays up his strengths but gives due diligence in improving his weaknesses.
Invests in himself.
A self-starter takes care of his assets which are his skills and knowledge as well as his health and well-being.

If you found yourself saying “Yes” to most of the characteristics on the list, chances are, you are a self starter. You’ll continue to grow and develop in your chosen field. But what happens then if you’re not a self starter? Is there a way to become one?

Stay tuned and I’ll answer that question in another post.

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