Self-Help: Why You Should Quit That Nasty Habit Right Now

We have habits we’re proud of like waking without the help of an alarm clock, being polite, brushing and flossing our teeth 3x daily, and even responding to emails within 24 hours. We also have habits that were not too proud of. For many, it’s as innocent as having a second helping of dessert after a meal, or being chronically late. But for some, there are habits that are better done without.

Smoking is a nasty habit, so is substance abuse, alcohol abuse, porn addiction, and a whole lot of destructive habits can be added to this list. What makes these habits so bad is that they endanger not just the responsible (or should I say irresponsible) person’s health and life, but also those of the people around him.

Smoking kills. It causes many respiratory problems and different types of cancers. You’ve heard of non-smokers getting lung cancer and why is that? They live with a smoker. Second hand smoke is just as bad. And it is a very sad thing indeed for a smoker to see his loved ones suffer the consequences of his habit.

Substance abuse eats you from the inside out, it warps the wirings in your brain by altering its chemistry. It clouds your judgement and perceptions and if left unchecked, plunges you on an irrevocable downward spiral.

Substance abuse is one of the worst things you can inflict upon yourself. What starts out as seemingly a harmless escape from worries can catch you in its grip. It’s a long, hard process to recovery but the decision to quit rests squarely on your shoulders. With the help of family, friends, and medical experts, you have a good chance of beating this demon.

Porn addiction has been on the rise and while a whole slew of moral, ethical, and religious aspects need to be explored, one of the things porn addiction primarily affects is your relationship with your partner.

Part II coming tomorrow so please stay tuned!

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