10 Minutes To A Fresh And Organized Living Room

What happens when family and friends call to say they’re in your area and ask if is it alright to drop by? Of course you say yes as you force a smile into your phone. The call ends, you look around and panic sets in. The house is a mess! What to do?

Messy Living Room

Why we fall into this house-straight-out-of Home-and Country trap is beyond me, but I tell you, I’m a victime too. But channeling your inner Martha Stewart at this point is hopeless. Roll your sleeves up and with a little elbow grease, sweep clutter and chaos away under ten minutes, tops.

Arm yourself with the following items: 

1. Trash can
2. Assorted bins
3. Wet rag
4. Broom and dustpan
5. Your playlist of choice. Preferably with bpm’s (beats per minute) of 160 or over.

Approach straightening your living area like you’re preparing for battle.

1. Go from top to bottom.
2. Proceed in a counter clockwise motion. I don’t know why but maybe this has something to do being located near the equator.
3. Remove everything that does not belong in the living room: snacks, toys, pillows, cups, plates. Toss in appropriate bins to sort  later.
4. Run the rag quickly on surfaces: coffee tables, side tables, armrests, lamp base, etc.
5. Empty vases and throw out wilted flowers. Straighten picture frames and other knick-knacks
6. Fluff throw pillows, straighten couch covers, shake out curtains and drapes, and align area rugs and carpets.
7. Straighten books, stack magazines, and gather DVD’s. Put all remote controls in a basket.
8. Sweep visible floor areas.
9. Hide bins.
10. Spritz the room with air freshener

If you have a minute more, put together some candies and biscuits on a tray and set it out on the table for guests to nibble on.

Don’t forget to freshen up. Splash water on your face, comb your hair, apply a sheen of gloss, a faints spray of eude toilette and you’re ready to greet your guests!

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