Why There’s No Sugar In The House

There’s no sugar in the house, no honey either or anything to sweeten the tartness, bitterness, or blandness of food and beverages. For years now there’s been no sugar in the house, except when a recipe for a special dessert calls for it, which is seldom.

As a daughter of two diabetic parents, I am scared of sugar. I’m scared of Coca-cola, powdered juice, sweets, cookies, doughnuts, and all the mouthwateringly great things I would dearly stuff my face with. Except I’m scared of sugar.


I’m so scared of sugar that my kids don’t think I’m depriving them of ‘good’ food if they don’t have the sweet stuff their classmates have. They grew up without sugar and they don’t miss it. I’m not such a monster as to ban them from eating the sugary stuff once in a while. But their taste has been so refined that all three prefer an unglazed donut over one that’s filled and frosted.

A dollop or about a teaspoon of pancake syrup is more than enough for them to handle. They blanch at the taste of shakes and drinks at restaurants. At Starbucks, Moonleaf, and other places, I’d ask for half a pump or one pump only of sugar syrup when I order drinks. Lucky little monsters, they’ve been trained to ignore sugar from the moment their eyes opened.

I’m not so lucky. I grew up in a household where dessert is not fruit but chocolates, cakes, brownies, or other dessert both my parents love to eat. I grew up with a fridge filled with Coca-cola, because my mom loves them. I became ingenious at hiding my glass of milk each day. It was awful, because my mom would thoughtfully add two tablespoons of sugar when making it.

Sugar is naturally present in the food we eat in the form of sucrose and fructose. Seeing a jar full of sugar scares me because diabetes runs in the family. While sugar consumption might not totally be blamed for the development of diabetes, facts reveal that sugar is just plain bad news. So bad that some doctors call for it’s regulation, just like tobacco is regulated.

I‘ve done my research a long time ago on sugar and its effect on people’s health and I’ve kept abreast of updates and developments. primarily because, yes, I’m scared of sugar. For over a decade, sugar continues to spiral downward in popularity, health wise but continue to rise, cravings-wise.

Sugar gives you that momentary energy boost that feels so good but actually wreaks damage to your system when done continously through eating food high in sugar.

It’s an easy fix when you’re hungry, it plugs that hole called emotional hunger too. People reach for sugary food when they feel down and sad, which makes me feel down and sad because statistics show rising cases of obesity and diabetes linked to sugar consumption.

Diabetes is incurable and I hate all the hype and gimmicky stunts on the Internet of how products can cure diabetes. Not a single medicine or treatment right now cures diabetes. It can be managed through therapy like oral medication and insulin injections or  a combination of both.

Diabetes is no joke. It affects all your body’s systems from the circulatory, nervous, digestive, etc. Let me give you two examples:
Both my dad and mom has it but each one has a different treatment. My dad is on oral medication which is Metformin since he’s very strict about his diet. His bllod sugar levels are slightly higher than normal but manageable.

My mom on the other hand can’t resist the occasional piece of cake and loves bread, she thinks she’s being deprived of her human right if her portion of rice is less than a cup at each meal. Mom is on a combination of Insulin, Metformin, and Galvus medicines. She has to time her meals with her dose of Insulin.

Both parents have to regulate what they eat, listen to their body, and are both in danger of hypoglycemia. They also have diabetic complications like nephritis, and cardiovascular problems. Other problems associated with diabetes are kidney failure and eye problems. Diabetes eats you from the inside, and there’s no stopping it. Minor cuts are dangerous for a diabetic, the infection is hard to treat.

The worst thing that happened to my mom was falling down, hitting her head, getting stitches, and neverl feeling it. That time her blood sugar level was beyond what the instrument could register, which was 500, normal levels are below 110 milligrams per deciliter.

This is by no means a well-researched article on the dangers of sugar. It is a personal, first-hand account why sugar is bad for your health. There’s still time to make healthy choices when it comes to food and how much sugar you consume daily. Here’s something you can do right now: pull out everything in your pantry and read the label for the list of ingredients. Chances are, sugar is listed in most of them. There is no recommended amount of sugar intake daily because it is naturally occuring but the average American consumes about 22.2 teaspoons of sugar daily according to the American Heart Association.

Sugar, nothing sweet about it but the taste.

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