Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

Having your own site is good but getting tools to make your site mobile friendly will go a long way to rack up sales, because consumers ultimately want that perfect user experience: fast & hassle-free.

Smartphones and tablets flood the market for good reason. People demand mobility as they go about daily routines. They demand that data be available at their fingertips all the time. From shopping to setting appointments and looking for the best dining experience, the average Joe relies on his mobile for search results, and recommendations from other people.

Here’s why more people love websites for mobiles over just any ordinary website:

1. Lugging a laptop has fallen by the wayside.

Your full website is designed for a laptop or PC’s big screens and might not work well on mobiles. That’s great if your market simply sits around all day in front of their PC. But that’s not the case. The earlier you can accept this fact, the faster you find a solution for grabbing more consumers.

2. People can’t wait.

Have you tried browsing your site through your mobile’s small screen? If you end up frustrated because you’ve finished your coffee, loaded the dishwasher and tidied up the kitchen long before your landing page is done loading on your phone that would’ve otherwise popped up in a snap on your PC, there’s a good chance that everyone else who’s happened to browse your site share your misery.

With countless local options available for everyone, why would that person stay on your site?

3. Nobody likes to look at a busy screen of squished data.

People like to browse your site from a browser, not an app. A full site crammed into a small screen isn’t attractive. To put it plainly, a website designed specifically for mobile browsers work because they’re easy to navigate, does not crowd the screen, and loads fast.

4. People love data at their fingertips.

People using their mobiles for search results often act within the day the minute they accessed what they need. What that translates to is: calling you or emailing you for inquiries, visiting your store premises, making an in-store purchase or online purchase.

When you integrate a website for mobile into your strategy, you’re capturing a percentage of the consumer market you can’t otherwise reach by just having a website alone. Having a website for mobile helps you make your customers shopping experience much easier and more convenient, which translates to more conversions for you.

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