Today is Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and all is well in my little chunk of Earth. And all because I logged in about seven hours of sleep last night. Seven wonderful blissful hours of quality sleep that I’ve began to enjoy for the following reasons:

1. I don’t wake up anymore in the middle of the night or every 2 hours to feed a hungry baby.

2. I’ve been off my asthma medication for a while. Corticosteroid is an upper, mind you. It keeps you awake, and raises blood sugar levels.

3. I haven’t watched any scary movie lately. American Horror Story doesn’t make it to the list. I want to watch the latest Grimm Aswang episode, but no. I’m loving my sleepiness at night.

4. I’ve pared down on my caffiene intake. I find to my surprise that ice-cold water seems to make me more alert.

5. No little girl slept with me so I was spared being kicked, elbowed, kneed, etc in my sleep.

6. The gurgling water in my turtle tank is very soothing. White noise FTW!

I’ve accomplished tasks successfully using the If-then thing Glenn mentioned. Although i was quiet grumpy that my If-then time when it came to reading was cut short. Ah well.

All in all it was a great day, and I’m quite happy with it. How about you, how has your day been so far? Comment below!


6 thoughts on “Today is Tuesday

        1. Oh no, is she cranky? Masakit talaga pag nagerupt yung teeth. I use Xylogel. (Still using it occasionally since nagerupt na rin mga permanent teeth ng girls ko)


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