Three Highly Effective Habits To Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is not easy, no, not at all. if you enjoyed a written piece, you might think the writer simply pulled out the words from his mind and hurled it across paper. What a magnificent strategy that would be. But that’s hardly the case. That wonderful piece you just read possibly went through numerous editing and rigorous proofreading. 

Just like strengthening your core through strength training, writing needs you to form habits that would become the backbone of your writing.

1. Master the rules of grammar. This is easier said than done if English is not your mother tongue. And even if it is, excellent grammar skills will still elude you. When i was teaching korean students before, I had a crash course on grammar. i ate grammar daily at different levels-from beginner to intermediate. It was easy to do since I did it daily. Today, I make it a point to open my English grammar books and do practice tests. 

2. Improve your vocabulary. The scope of your vocabulary actually reflects the words you’re exposed to. That is, if you’re fearless in using words that might raise people’s eyebrows because hey, these words are complicated, or “deep” (I hate that word). The dictionary is your best friend in this matter. Learn the etymology of words and you’ll find it easy to understand words you’ve never met before. Expanding your vocabulary starts a s small as listing down all synonyms and antonyms of a particular word. 

It is boring for a reader if you write about how red the sky is and the background was so reddish like the blood pumping through your vein is red. See what I mean?

Your vocabulary reflects your experiences in the literary world too. Try to read if you’re not a reader to begin with. I advocate reading tough materials because they contain new  words to add to my vocabulary.

3. Brush up on idioms. There is nothing like mangled idioms to set my teeth grinding but it’s understandable why people trip up on idioms. The English language is finicky as it is without them. 

And last, brush up on spelling. I’ve found these three things to be very effective in my writing. It allows me to be consistent when it comes to style and syntax. Try to do this for a month to see improvements on your writing.

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