One Internet Minute

For online freelancers, one Internet minute is enough to get washed in a deluge of information. Both big and infinitesimal data floods every netizen as he or she goes online. I know you can relate from all the cat videos you’ve watched or your ticking newsfeed on social media. Don’t you ever feel overwhelmed by it all? Have you ever found yourself mindlessly clicking and reading up on obscure topics like rare minerals or  what drives a serial killer? I know I have. I’ve spent many sleepless nights pursuing links upon links, and reading topics I wasn’t interested in. It’s crazy!

Today my seven year old daughter brought me to the ground. It was something I overheard her tell her older sister. It went like this:

N: “J, you have to do this after you’ve done that and this is what’s going to happen…”

J: “N, I don’t need to know that.”

My daughter’s brief reply reminded me that there are some things I don’t have to know! I don’t have to. If it causes me to worry then I should stop reading. If it’s awful, gory, gruesome, and filthy I should close the tab. If the information I’m getting is stress inducing I’d better do away with it.

Not all data is worth getting intimate with. Being online most of the time (in my line of work) plus my innate curiosity puts me at great risk of getting caught in a riptide of data.Hearing my daughter say it like it is made perfect sense.

What I did after that was to write, “I don’t have to know this.” on a piece of paper and pinned it on my board. It’s for every time I’m tempted to give in to unnecessary information.

When was the last time you stopped yourself from reading another article? Hovered over another link? Thought twice about Googling something?


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