10 Things That Are Seriously Better Than Sex

Sex is like pizza they say. There is no bad pizza. I disagree. These ten things are way better than sex in my opinion.

1. That awesome feeling of freedom the moment air touches your skin for the first time in three months. Ever got parts of your body broken and set in a plaster cast? remember how heavy and hot and generally a pain it was on top of the pain you already have?

2. Pain be gone! The finality of having a tooth extracted, never mind the way your gums are trying to hang on to it. I really advocate brushing and flossing and not drinking soda.

3. That blessed, blessed relief of letting go after holding it in cos there’s no restroom for the last three hours. Long stretches of highways scare me.

4. Reunited with your best friend after decades of being apart, and feeling as if only a day has gone by because hey, that’s what a best friend is, a huge chip off your heart waiting to come back, falling perfectly into place when it does.

5. Being able to goodbye to someone you love who’s terminally ill, and being there in those last painful days. We spend half our life and the what ifs and should’ve beens and miss out on making someone else happy.

6.Waking up one day and discovering you’re finally over your ex. It’s like the first day out of depression. It’s a break in trhe clouds, forever sunny days ahead. It’s an amazing feeling only the heartbroken knows.

7. The warm towel after a cold shower. Shivering and goosebumps and feeling like dying. That’s how cold showers are, so is a dip in the pool first thing in the morning.

8. Sleeping the whole night through by yourself. Drool away, hog the blanket, sleep in your favorite position. keep the lights on, turn the lights off! You get my drift.

9. Discovering who you are and believing in yourself. There’s nothing quite as empowering as finally accepting who you are, faults and all. As Whitney said, “I found the greatest love of all inside of me.”

10. When toxic people are out of your life for good. You don’t realize how bad your life was until they’re gone.

What’s your better than sex moments? Comment below!

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