Coffee Press Kills Instant Coffee Mix

Do you have any idea how many calories are there in a sachet of three-in-one coffee? I thought food and beverage manufacturers are required to declare the nutritional information where their products are concerned. If that’s the case, why are three-in-one coffees exempted?

Tonight I whipped out my dusty coffee press because I’ve decided to make the switch back to good old black coffee. I highly suspect that the sugar levels in the premixed coffees are higher than expected. I think it’s what’s making me feel fat.

Aside from the sugar, I don’t know exactly what kind of ‘cream’ goes into it. Is it dairy, non-dairy, Etc? Or is it that synthetic stuff that clogs arteries? In that case, drinking instant coffee will kill you in the long run.

Back to my coffee press. I like brewed coffee but I thought it was too much work. Water, filter, scoop, wait, pour, add cream or sugar or both to taste. It makes me mentally tired to perform all those things. With instant coffee, all you have to do is nuke a cup of water, rip the packet, pour, stir, drink! Nothing to it.

Again, the convenience seems to favor instant over brewed coffee but the thought of getting fat and sick on sugar and cream is mental torture. When I think of my arteries, I liken it to the kitchen drain pipes. Whatever food and beverage you prepare, the waste water flows into it.

If the drains get clogged up with oil, it’s a visual reminder of what’s going on in my veins too! So back to my coffee. I can’t wait to make a fresh cup tomorrow morning. The best thing about switching isn’t limited to health benefits. I plan to enjoy the process of making coffee once again. To savor the moment as I prepare it, and to sip my coffee slowly, and preferably with a nice book open in front of me.

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