Writing and SEO

Ask me what I do and I’d automatically reply, “Write online.” The truth is, the act of writing takes about 25% of the bulk of my work. The other 75% is focused on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. For clients, I do keyword research, off-page optimization, on-page optimization, content curation, content creation, content marketing, social media management and then some. What ties them all together is that each task is targeted to rank my client’s site on search engines.

Recently, my client’s website reached Google’s first page, and occupied the first four results for some of the keywords I’ve targeted. I was ecstatic because I’ve reached this much without any tricks but through quality content, optimized pages, and adherence to Google’s policies. I’m also a neophyte when it comes to SEO. I’m no guru or ninja or whatever fancy title is out there. Everything I’ve learned so far and put into practice, I’ve read on the web, and some came from precious advice of seasoned SEO specialists.

Understand that this client had no SEO from inception and was far, far below in Alexa rankings.  I was hired to create content for a blog and that was fine with me. Later on I realized my client needed more than a blog to help promote his site. But adding a blog was simply lacking when he wanted to rank on search engines. I didn’t want him to spend money needlessly on content, which would not address the issue at all.  I asked him to have his site audited by an SEO specialist. To this day I’m glad that he’s a receptive person and can act accordingly.

What made me pursue helping out this particular client is that he is  human. He  listened to my input and acted on it. Communication is always open and frank, updates and feedback are realistic, and I work in my timezone. I liked working for him even more when he told me it was ok to mess things up from the backend of his site, rather than not try. A mess can be fixed. That gave me the green light to give as much as I can, learn more than I do, and apply what I’ve learned.

Being on the first page of Google is important if you want people to find you, and your business. Being on the first four or five results on the first page? Even now I think I need someone to pinch me. Haha!

So if you have a personal website you’d like to get ranked by search engines, a bit of SEO helps! You can always PM me if you need resources too. 😉

I’ve always thought that if I just apply myself a little more, eventually I’d figure out how things work! Maybe it’s time I update my skill set on freelance sites. SEO is very exciting and reading this, you can tell how my happy heart is doing cartwheels, can’t you? 😀

(Written with utmost restraint or my heart will pop right out of my mouth!)


One thought on “Writing and SEO

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s funny, I didn’t really think I’d ever worry about SEO always thinking I could ‘figure it out’ once it was, if ever needed, seems that is not quite the case!

    I may be back with real questions in the not so distant future…

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