Sandy Hacks

I’m the type of daughter who says nothing is impossible if you put your whole being into it! After all, frustration is the mother of invention, or maybe it’s “If you want a job done fast, give it to the lazy person.” Or something along those lines.

As you can tell, I’m just a drop short of being impatient. I like to get the job done as soon as ideas start flowing, and I am a bit obsessive, because I’d find myself burning the midnight oil, especially when I’m on a learning curve.

These “hacks” here are all part of my learnings. They worked for me, and for the situation I’ve found myself in. They may fit your needs, or might not work for you at all! But  give it a try. How will you know if you won’t? Which is like Yoda saying…saying what? Haha!

Comment below what you think Yoda said. 😉